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Gutted Like A Pig, All You Want Is The World To Bleed;;

Romance Red & Hospital Blue

21 June 1989
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Jenni is my name, I guess I like a lot of things…like walking in the rain generally when I'm aware that I will be walking in the rain though when it's unexpected it's kind of annoying and un-escapable. I like getting drunk and wasted by other means, its awesome fun and even better when there's actually a reason to get shit-faced instead of the usual "I'm bored, lets get wasted". Piercings and tattoos are pretty rad, I have no tatts and six Piercings (my belly button twice, lip once, left ear twice and right ear once…for those of you playing at home). I like dying my hair its been black and red for a good while so I should really change it soon…I also like the colour green I don’t know why but I am attracted to pretty much anything that is green. Eyes amuse me I could sit in silence and stare at/in someone's eyes for hours…But this would probably result in death to Jenni. I really like driving its fun I love my car I named him Bruce he is a big bright green tank…I love music lots it keeps me sain I don’t think there has ever been a day in the life of Jenni that has been music-less.

So now that we've been though some things that I like I suppose the things I don’t usually follow. I really, really don’t like clowns I know every second person doesn't like clowns and I don’t really know why I don’t find them amusing I just don’t. Puppets, puppeteers and department store Santa's are horrible as well much like the clowns I don’t know why I don’t like them they just freak me out I suppose. Tripping over things isn’t fun especially when you fall it sucks a lot. Walking in wet shoes isn’t really much fun unless you're drunk enough that you cant feel it, I hate, absolutely loathe Bacardi it made my violently ill (it had nothing to do with the amount consumed –shifty eyes-), hangovers suck especially the four day kind (I blame the Bacardi for that one)…

That’s about all I can think of…I think that’s the most I've ever typed about my self –feels proud- anyway that's just my likes and dislikes it really says nothing about who I am…so I guess you'd have to meet me to understand/get to know the Jenni.
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