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Wall Clocks and Old Cheese - Gutted Like A Pig, All You Want Is The World To Bleed;; [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Wall Clocks and Old Cheese [Mar. 20th, 2007|02:27 pm]
[Current Mood |rejectedrejected]
[Current Music |the sweet sweet hum off my computer]

nothing much to talk about today really, well not really i have lots of shit but you know nothing that would interest you...though it might but what im trying to say is haha im not telling.

so later on when leesha finishes work she's coming over and were going shopping woot and thats my plans for today and tomorw i have a trial at Ripley's, beleive it or not! in surfers and that just about all thats going on currently.

so my main reason behind writing this with nothing to share is because i feel like typeing and no one is online so ill just type here to amuse myself before leesha gets here.

i wonder how many types of cheese's there are in the wold i like cheese, well most cheese...some cheese's, i dont like the ones that smell funny or taste like puke...infact i dont know why anyone likes the ones that smell funny or taste like puke, everyone complains when they puke why would you eat somethat tastes like it.

theres a park down the road from me...its a pretty rad park in fact theres two the othere one is better but its about 100 meters futher which ='s balls, theres also a place on either end of my street where they keep old people one of the old ladys weres a plastic bag on her head...she shakes alot, some of them are nice like iris iris is 92 next week and has been for the past 5 years...i dont really understand much of what she says.

the trees out the front of my house have just started flowering wich is gay because no i have to fight kamekazi bees that want to kill me wich isnt fair because its my house and i was here first...

well leesha is here now so im going to fuck off...

buy guys and remeber kids dont eat the yellow snow