Fo Shizzle My Nizzle

Wow its been a good while since i rote in this son of a bitch. gosh ive deprived you of me ^_^.

well to cut the long story short *deep breath* i moved out of home with two mates but one never moved in then some weird kid moved in that we didnt know then we kicked him out and me and sonja hid pizza in his school bag then sonja moved in then me and leesha shared a room and ben and lilly moved in so now were one big happy family and im not a lonesome person anymore i have a daniel ^_^ *and exhale*

yep thats about al that ive done in over a year WOOHOO im mega exciting

bye now.
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wow this weekend was pretty crazy i finnished work on thursday at 11pm and got of the bus near the hospital and run up to meet candice and rachel wich was rad then frankie lewis sharna came we got whiz and goon and ended up at candices house at about 3ish me and rachel slept in candices bed wich was toaly weird because we were next door to frankie in candices bed... we got 2 hours sleep and walked home at 8 which sucked because iw was a bigger hike then i thought it was.

once we got back to my house i had to clean the bathroom and my room just needed to be cleaned.then we got kicked out for now reason so we got hot chips and grose gravy and walked to leesha and seb's place we were there for a while then we bought a goon sak drank it in a park with a botle ofwine and somehow ended up in coomera ^_^ wat a fantastic blur
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gosh dang cop spottys

Yesterday i did my first big proper shift at my new job, ohh yeah not sure if i told you yet i work at Ripley's, Believe It Or Not! in surfers paradise i worked 12-8pm then caught a bus to a piss-up in the park...yes we often get drunk in parks just because were cool like that.

so anyway i got to the park at about 9-9:15 ish beacause my bus was silly and slow :( i hadnt eaten all day and id been working so it didnt take much goon [wine in a box for those of you playing at home] to get wasted, it was cold so a couple of the boys decided it would be a smart idea to torch a forward an hour and half a tree later...we saw cops so we bailed across the road to the grand stands on the soccor field me and rachel were walking a away to tinkle then we heard the WHOOPWHOOP!! of the police comingon to the soccor field and blinded me with there spotty's wich are like the sun in your eyeballs they kind of hurt lots.

everyone bailed in another direction so me rachel and manboobs went the bush way wich i had to run through in my socks cause i was wearing heals i might mention now that running extreaming intoxicated through bush is not a good idea it hurst and the stumbleing is increased with the unstable ground...not fun in the end no-one got arrested and i had a sandwidge when i got home....

♥ jen
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cheap wine, vinilla vodka, vodka + orange juice && butterscotch schnapps

what a fantasic fucking weekend!!

it was my friends 18th on saturday and what an 18th it was. The night started with cheap wine and leesha we had a litre each and decided it was time to go to sonjas place[where her 18th was] which happens to be across the road from me, once we got there one of her other mates came over with a bottle of vinilla vodka i was fed several shot before we went on a hunt for a crazy straw which led us to next door. we didnt find a straw however her next door neighbor fed us butterscotch schnapps shots so buy this stage im stumbeling back to sonjas house trying to regain my posture and failing misserably. we finaly got back to which we were greeted with vodka and orange juice i drank my share and went out side to where everyone eles was. sonja came out and continued to feed me shots of vodka while i was drinking my wine. thenBAM!! i was home again.

sunday was not a fun day because sunday claimed its usual day of hangover i thought i was fine till i have a shower it was rather annoying because by about 10am i was exhausted from pukeing and today being monday from my shoulders down to my stomache are bruised on the inside from vommiting so hard and it kind of hurts too breeth YAY ME!! so anyway im about to go out to see a mate fare well all.

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Wall Clocks and Old Cheese

nothing much to talk about today really, well not really i have lots of shit but you know nothing that would interest you...though it might but what im trying to say is haha im not telling.

so later on when leesha finishes work she's coming over and were going shopping woot and thats my plans for today and tomorw i have a trial at Ripley's, beleive it or not! in surfers and that just about all thats going on currently.

so my main reason behind writing this with nothing to share is because i feel like typeing and no one is online so ill just type here to amuse myself before leesha gets here.

i wonder how many types of cheese's there are in the wold i like cheese, well most cheese...some cheese's, i dont like the ones that smell funny or taste like puke...infact i dont know why anyone likes the ones that smell funny or taste like puke, everyone complains when they puke why would you eat somethat tastes like it.

theres a park down the road from me...its a pretty rad park in fact theres two the othere one is better but its about 100 meters futher which ='s balls, theres also a place on either end of my street where they keep old people one of the old ladys weres a plastic bag on her head...she shakes alot, some of them are nice like iris iris is 92 next week and has been for the past 5 years...i dont really understand much of what she says.

the trees out the front of my house have just started flowering wich is gay because no i have to fight kamekazi bees that want to kill me wich isnt fair because its my house and i was here first...

well leesha is here now so im going to fuck off...

buy guys and remeber kids dont eat the yellow snow
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seem's to be the only thing...

Fuck man, guys suck...yep they all suck damn shit heads.

So there's this guys that I've know for a couple of years [we met through school] and have been talking online for awhile, so recently we have been meaning to catch up but the shop that I work in hasn’t finished being built yet so I have no hours = no money = no petrol… somehow this is my fault. And on the weekend well Saturday, Sunday and Monday I had a few drinks with a girl friend and a guy friend and suddenly this is against the law or something so he was all "I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed"… like that’s not 10 times worse. I don’t care that he's "disappointed" more-so that he thinks he has a right to be upset with me drinking with friends in my room it's not like I was whoreing myself all over town or anything…not that it should matter if I was…not that I ever would.

And another annoying thing is guys don’t get hints like none at all you have to spell it out to them…if your nice then you want to fuck them, if your mean then your PMS'ing or a lesbian… BIG FAT WRONG

Fucking boys…*is over shit*
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gawsh dang just when i was getting all excited

so i had this wonderful vision that once i got a job id sexy my car up with some rims new tyres new motor new gearbox and a kick ass sound system...then reality came back and kicked me in the face...

i have rego and insurance coming up in the next month and im planning to move for now it looks like im stuck with my FM/AM cassette player with my stingey speakers and a 3 speed gear box.

on the upside if all goes to plan i should be full time in a few weeks wich will mean more income however after forking out for rego and insurance im gunna have to pay part of the bond and then rent so everything is being overly un-fair at the moment.

I also discovered that my manager hates me...i didnt do anything wrong at all i was just doing what i was told and she hates me so i get all the shitty jobs and the 'climbing on ladder' jobs only because she knows im afraid of heights...

But on the upside to that next month the new store opens and im going there and there will be a new manager and everything should all go to plan so i supose to every negative there is a positive.

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woohoo i finaly got a havnt been working since the start of year 12 and i just finnished so about a year i supose and now i work wich means i have money wich will fund the weekends W00t for non-sober activities.

the shop is called evolution its sort of likea street wear type shop but im doing my training at FILA until evolution opens and it sucks because at FILA my uniform is brown shorst and a eww blue shirt with jogging shoes...i look like a park ranger...Ranger jenni...i could so be a park ranger.

i cant wait untill i get paid omg ill have money my own money instead of parental funds that i later get guilt tripped for whilst nursing a hangover[not fun], the fist thing i'm going to buy[other then booze] is a sound system for bruce[my car] but when i get that im going to have to get the DOOT DOOT[car security] becausei dont want anyone to steale my subs...that would suck some major ass.

anyhoo i guess i better go and stuff i havework tomorrow and i sortof need to wakeup in timeto get there so later and stuff.

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wow its been a while since i last wrote in this how incredibly slack of me...

our school formal was the other night and our graduation is tonight i chose not to go to either because they would be ridiculously boring and i would rather be shot in the face three time...yes three.

nothing else has really be happening...this being the reson i havnt written in here in so long two of my best friends are having a moment with each oter wich isnt not fun at all because it was a group of 3 and now its gone all bung.

tomorrow night is jimmys formal im really ecited because that means i get to see her ^_^ she wearing a black tux with green trimming and her hairs gunna be in a black and green mohawk im so happy YAY...

well i guess i have nothing more to share with you at this point in time so later

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