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cheap wine, vinilla vodka, vodka + orange juice && butterscotch schnapps [Mar. 26th, 2007|03:07 pm]
[Current Mood |soresore]
[Current Music |Car Underwater - Armor For Sleep]

what a fantasic fucking weekend!!

it was my friends 18th on saturday and what an 18th it was. The night started with cheap wine and leesha we had a litre each and decided it was time to go to sonjas place[where her 18th was] which happens to be across the road from me, once we got there one of her other mates came over with a bottle of vinilla vodka i was fed several shot before we went on a hunt for a crazy straw which led us to next door. we didnt find a straw however her next door neighbor fed us butterscotch schnapps shots so buy this stage im stumbeling back to sonjas house trying to regain my posture and failing misserably. we finaly got back to which we were greeted with vodka and orange juice i drank my share and went out side to where everyone eles was. sonja came out and continued to feed me shots of vodka while i was drinking my wine. thenBAM!! i was home again.

sunday was not a fun day because sunday claimed its usual day of hangover i thought i was fine till i have a shower it was rather annoying because by about 10am i was exhausted from pukeing and today being monday from my shoulders down to my stomache are bruised on the inside from vommiting so hard and it kind of hurts too breeth YAY ME!! so anyway im about to go out to see a mate fare well all.